Renault 4 Ever SKIN: Shortlisted Entry
  • design
    inheriting the most distinctive morphology of the renault 4, skin tries to go one step further compared to other retro designs by preserving the main silouhettes of the car and also of it’s most representative features, all interpreted using current renault design trends. the dashboard of skin preserves the traditional simplicity, adding a stylish touch. as a requirement of all new generation cars, it’s highly multimedial, with a flexible, touch-enabled screen running accross all the width.

    with high efficiency direct drive motors for power and regenerative braking the two major friction forces acting on the car are those from air-body and tyre-road contact. using piezoelectric materials and solar energy, most of the power loss due to these is fed back to the car and extra power can be put back on the power grid, making the total impact positive.
    the whole body of the car in constructed using an ultra-durable, self-healing polymer, which repairs itself from most minor damages, reducing to minimum the maintainance.the skin consists of two similar layers one on top of the other, providing a high degree of schock absorbtion during high speed impacts, when the two sheets slide relative to each-other.This produces a high amount of friction, solving the safety issue of light electric vehicles.
This is my shortlisted entry for the Renault 4 Ever competition.
Product Design, Automotive Design